4 pack Pestgard Mini USX Animal & Bird Repeller

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Suggested installation

For the home:

  •  Install several units at ground level using the stake provided or sit them directly on the ground.
  • Other units could be installed pointing directly at the path that the target pest takes to enter your garden.
  • For possums units could be installed on the roof, on the side of the house, shed or attached to the fence pointing directly at the possums path or the tree/ garden you wish to protect.
  • Many people use these wonderful little units to protect the garden from blackbirds and the like that dig in the leaves and soil creating a very big mess all over the path.
  • Ideal for installation on sheds, carports and garages to stop birds and possums entering.
  • If you wish to use them internally under the roof in the ceiling cavity or inside garage and car port then you can use the USB lead provided acquire  from the local electronics store a 240v transformer with a USB port in the side & over ride the batteries and solar panel by operating on the 240v power.

For restaurants and public places:

  • To repel birds install these units around the canopies above the outdoor settings or above the tables and point them at where the birds are waiting to descend on the empty plates. You can even install them low down to stop the birds at ground level eating the scraps that fall from the patrons tables.
  • If installing outside then make sure the sun can reach the solar panels to keep the batteries charged. No need for leads or wires to install or trip over, these little units are so flexible and very effective.

For marine application:

  • Acquire 1 unit for a small vessel or buy 3 units for larger boats,  install 1x for the bows pointing aft, 1 x aft pointing forward & 1 x the cabin roof pointing along the roof aft or forward no need to drain your house battery the solar panel will top up the internal Nicad batteries provided. The Nicad batteries should store sufficient power for several days of operation, should there be extended days of no sunlight then this unit can be charged using the USB lead provided.
  • Using this ultrasonic bird repeller with the low profile but effective strobe light creates an environment/space that the birds do not want to enter. Observe the reaction of the birds and alter settings to suit, for very large boats or areas you may require several units, why not keep a couple spare in case you need to swap over during non solar panel charging.

Other uses include

  • Repelling birds from restaurants, cafes, food halls, markets, campsites, marinas, wharves and jetties. Best results can be achieved by using in conjunction with other complimentary deterrents, such as our scare eye balloons and bird scare tape, these really add to the whole frightening environment for pest birds and or animals.
  • See our bird deterrent kit for boats incorporates one of these mini USX units, a visual scare eye balloon, and a roll of bird scare tape these there products combined create a very frightening environment for birds at sea and on land.
  • This small but effective Solar powered animal & bird repeller is one of smallest electronic repellers available measuring only 9 x 8 x14 cms.
  • It can also be used at home in your garden.
  • Ideal for small areas.
  • Use the this unit for the repelling of possums, wallabies, birds, pest dogs & cats and many other animals as well as a wide range of birds.
  • It can also be used as a preventative measure to deter cats and dogs from entering a specific area of your garden (covers a relative broad area)
  • Will not harm pests or pets simply moves them out of the area you wish to protect.
  • Weather proof housing
  • PIR activation
  • Strobe light built in
  • USB charging cord
  • Solar panel built in.
  • Multi position switch for selecting settings
  • Volume/sensitivity adjustment
  • Coverage up to 10 metres radius and approximately 90o vertically
  • Solar powered
  • Built in Light sensitive Strobe for generating a bright light flashing light frightening to nocturnal animals & birds
  • PIR activation saves on power
  • Small size for convenient location
  • No long power cords to trip over
  • Mounting stake provided for placing in the ground/soil
  • USB charging lead provided to allow charging of the batteries at times when there are many dull days
  1. 13.5khz-17.5khz repels animals such as mice, small rodents, …
  2. 15.5khz-19.5khz repels animals such as large dogs, foxes …
  3. 19.5khz-23.5khz repels animals such as small dogs, cat, bird …
  4. strong flashing
  5. all function working, sweep frequency from mode 1 — mode 2 — mode 3, and turn on strong flashing


Problem was cats and birds
Hi Pestgard, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the best service and advice I’ve had with ebay so far. I’m really happy that these actually work and at the same time don’t stress my chooks out.  I will be buying from you again for sure and thank you so much for the 2 sent today. Thanks again

Tracey 🙂

Hi Pestgard,It was cats at night going to eat any scraps, and of a day it was swarms of birds all over my roof and fence and all in the chooks area eating my chooks food and it was covered in birds poo all over my daughters swing even. I’m really happy with them and your help and service. I was even thinking i had to get rid on my chooks because it was filthy. There the best when there charged inside first. Really happy with the product!!

Thanks again

“Excellent Product, This really does scare the birds away. Won’t be disappointed”

John xxxxxxxxx

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Weight 1600 g
Dimensions 150 x 320 x 120 mm