BIRD-X Scare Eye Balloon – 3 Pack



BirdX Preferred

3 off Bird-x Scare Eye Top Quality vinyl balloons, use alone or better still in conjunction with our electronic bird scarers for creating a frightening environment for scaring birds.

Use in orchards, vineyards, carports, sports arenas, around the pool, fruit trees, fish farms, household gardens anywhere that birds are a problem “scare eyes balloons” are a frightening visual deterrents they work very well in conjunction with electronic birds scarers.

Birds are very frightened of the big yellow bouncing balloons, with the large eyes.

Scare Eye balloons frighten birds from factory open doorways, as well as inside the industrial buildings when hung from the rafters and beams, home, gardens, pools, ponds, sheds, trees, garages, marinas, barns & much more

  • Adds impact to electronic bird scarers/deterrents/repellents see our other items for sale
  • Simple Cost effective solution to bird problems, can be hung anywhere, they are weatherproof vinyl designed for one season use only
  • Frightening intimidating Mylar eyes add real impact to this Inflatable balloon, you must take them down at end of each season
  • Easy to install simply inflate attach string provided you may choose to use heavier string acquired locally, and hang in an appropriate area
  • Purchase 2-3 for each installation hang from the branches of a tree in a factory or large building from rafters or beams, or from the mast head of your boat or in the rigging
  • 40 cm  diameter vinyl balloon
Weight 540 g
Dimensions 60 x 220 x 200 mm