Marine Bird Repelling Kit ideal for your boat



Protect your boat with this

Bird Repelling Kit

Marine Pack also suitable

for Small garden area

Protect your boat with this kit of bird deterrents.

Use on a small boat, deck, jetty, verandah or small garden area

No need to lay out the netting on the deck.

No need to spend precious time cleaning the deck.

Save time by installing these great products, then jump on the boat and go.

These deterrents have been effective in ridding boats of birds,  no more hard to remove bird droppings.

The whole procedure is achieved by using this silent, electronic Ultrasonic unit. Simply combine with visual devices provided to protect your boat and frighten the pest birds.

This Kit was Designed to create creating a threatening and unpleasant environment for pest birds.

This Bird Repelling kit includes one each of the following:-

  • 1 x  Silent Ultrasonic Solar Bird/Animal repeller
  • 1 x  Scare eye balloon this visual deterrent moves in the slightest breeze and is visually threatening to birds
  • 1 x  Roll of Holographic tape flashes and rustles in the wind birds see the eyes of a predator bird in the embedded holograms.

The Animal Repeller is solar powered.

No need to run wires around the deck.

No need to use or drain your house battery

These little units are designed to be stand alone, with internal Nicad batteries provided.

Hang the the Scare Eyes balloons & streamers of the Holographic Tape in the rigging or on the stanchions to  create a visual deterrent.

Install the unit so that it is pointing at the area you wish to protect.

Yes you are right the owls, snakes and cat cut outs do not work!!!

Maximise their effect by combining all three of these proven bird deterrents

We have many satisfied customers to prove how effective these products are at deterring birds.

For large boats you may need to acquire 3 sets.

Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 120 x 220 x 220 mm