Pestgard Predator Eye visual deterrent for most Animals




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The Predator Eye is designed to simulate fire using a very bright red light that Glows & flashes in the dark.
Can be seen for up to 460 meters.
Solar panel charges internal Nicad Battery ( supplied)
Wild animals are terrified of fire.
Used to scare most wild animals, such as foxes, wild dogs “dingoes” pigs, feral cats & dogs, pest cats, pest dogs, rats, possums, wallaby, deer, rabbits and more.
Use to contain cattle, horses and others stock create a fence line or coral to contain them install along fences or around paddocks no wires or external batteries required.
For large areas, multiple areas or large numbers of animals you will require more than one or two of these Predator eyes.
For better results  use in conjunction with our other Ultrasonic units please phone us to discuss your problem areas on 0458 648 235 we are happy to assist.
Combine Pestgard Predator eyes with Pestgard Transaudio Pro makes a “clicky clacky” sound that irritates Wallaby, Possums, foxes and other wild animals.
Combine Pestgard Predator eyes with Pestgard Mini USX,  Pestgard Ultrasonic ( soundless) Yardgard or Pestgard Yardgard Sentinel plus for Possums, Bandicoots, Rabbits and more.
Using a combination of animal scarers it creates a frightening environment  a “No Go Zone” for pest animals.

If you are unsure of quantity and number of units required,  Please phone us to ask our advice before acquiring we are happy to guide you phone us on 0458 648 235.

The Pestgard Predator Eye is supplied with a NiCad Battery plus a built-in Solar Panel charging the battery through the day to allow automatic operation at night .
Charge the unit in full sunlight before installing.

Install in full sunlight.

  • Create an enclosure to deter nocturnal pests and contain stock.  See illustration in our photos above on how to install
  • Use in a fence line to deter pest animals glows brightly 460 mts distance away, needs clear view in front.
  • Install at the head height of target pests
  • Protect your cattle, sheep & other stock animals, as well as poultry and pets from nocturnal pests such as foxes and other nocturnal visitors
  • Use for possums in conjunction with our other possum scaring units such as the Pestgard Mini USX, The Pestgard Yardgard, The Pestgard Yardgard Plus units and the Pestgard Transaudio pro
  • At recent farmer’s field day we were told “that these Predator Eyes really scare foxes”
  • Install them on fences and buildings
  • Surround the paddocks with these excellent low cost deterrents

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 85 x 25 x 40 mm