Pestgard Snake Repeller


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Quality Snake Repellers for only $18 each

Best Quality Available we have thoroughly researched the market to buy the best


When do I install? “Install first sign of warm weather”

We selected these top quality snake repellers to sell for the following reasons:

  1. They have an inbuilt LED light that shines for 6 hours each night and allows you to see where they are installed in the garden so you do not step on them
  2. They provide an attractive light in the garden.
  3. These snake repellers come fitted with a solar panel that charges the supplied internal NiCAD battery.
  4. Unlike many other Snake repellers these units allow for replacement batteries
  5. Each Snake Repeller covers a 30 Meter diameter Total area covered is approximately 700M2.
  6. Install a Snake Repeller every 25 meters, this allows a 5 meter overlap of sound & vibrations.
  7. Installing in this manner ensures that a barrier of sound & vibration is created thereby blocking the path of snakes.
  8. The ideal soil type for installation should be friable or sandy soil, not too water logged.  Areas where there are lots of stones, rocks or building foundations impede the passage of the vibration/ sound through the earth so choose a suitable area to install
  9. Snakes pick up the vibration and sound through their bodies and are able to pick up even the slightest tremor through the earth. That is why the vibration & sounds disturbs them and why this type of equipment has been found to be so effective in stopping them entering the protected area.
  10. Installation create a hole large enough to take the aluminum spike. Do not use excessive force to install in the ground, simply push the spike with the solar panel in place into the prepared hole.
  11. LED light must be above the water/ground level so water cannot leak into unit.
  12. The inbuilt LED light runs for 6 hours at night, the vibration & sound works 24 hours per day and the battery holds at least 2 days charge even after a number of rainy or dull days. Very little natural sunlight is required to keep the NiCad battery adequately charged
  13. The major attribute of these quality snake repellers is that the long life NiCad battery can be replaced if required unlike other brands, and the LED light allows you to see where the units are installed so you do not step on them in the dark.
  14. Please phone us on 0458 648 235 if you are unsure of number required for your area we will be happy to guide you.


  1. This device uses computerised inching control technology that is combined with the signal output with dc charge function
  2. This new technology gives better, longer life and more effective operation
  3. There is a variable slightly audible sound pitch emitted by the unit for example the first 2 days sound equate to a “di”, next series of sound over the next 2 days is “di di di”, next series of sound over the next 2 days “di di di di”, the 7th day the sequence repeats from day 1 through to day 6. This sequence or variable pattern stops the snakes becoming accustomed to one set of sounds.
  4. Frequency 400-1000hz
  5. Power supply solar cell 4v 45 mA, charges the internal NiCadbattery included with purchase.
  6. Replaceable the battery if required.
  7. Solar panel 155 mm diameter
  8. Height 340 mm
  9. Material used abs+ aluminium
  10. Usage garden, lawn, farm, horse enclosures, campsites, dog runs & kennels

Please go to “Contact Us page” to email/ask further questions re our products or phone 0458 648 235.

Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 100 x 150 x 450 mm