Pestgard Transaudio Plus




Transaudio pro deters & disturbs annoying pests by combining 2 levels of ultrasonic sound, these two sounds cross each other and create a ‘clicky-clacky’ ( ticking sound) sound that irritates target pests.


  • 3 levels of Frequency volume levels can be selected for specific pests.
  • Emits a constant clicking sound designed to annoy specific target pests
  • This model comes with a transformer, a 15 meter low voltage lead is available on our website please see our other items for sale.
  • No need for dangerous chemicals this unit moves the pests on without harm to pests or environment.
  • The “Pestgard Transaudio pro” combines ultrasonic (inaudible) & sonic (audible) sound emissions to make a “ticking or clicking sound” this level of sound can be moderated (see testimonials for satisfied customers).
  • If unsure of number of units required for your problem area please phone us on 0458 648 235 for guidance.

Environmentally & Ecologically friendly product

This unit is used to scare target pests such as possums, wallaby, rats, mice, bats, flying foxes, you may require a number of units depending on size of property or number of pests.
For possums and wallaby combine this unit with our incredible visual deterrent the Pestgard Predator Eye , phone us for numbers required.
Combination of ultrasonic and sonic sounds cause confusion & discomfort to targeted pests. Does not harm them simply moves them on without harmful chemicals, will not harm your pets simply install the unit away from their compound
Will operate on 9 /240v transformer (supplied) or operates on 12 v gel cell battery (obtainable from electronics stores)

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 100 x 230 x 100 mm