Added features for better results Ultrasonic inaudible soundless emissions, optional audible sound emissions, light sensitive strobe light for scaring nocturnal animals and a remote control to allow operation remotely 22 meters away.
Comes with 9v/240v transformer. You can aquire a 15m by selecting one from the drop down menu (Add to my order).
We advise you leave a set of 4 x C cell batteries installed so the ISP ( intelligent power source) can ensure continual operation of the unit should there be a power blackout.
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Please phone us should you have the need on 0458 648 235 should you require assistance on choice & quantity of units for your particular area, we will be happy to guide you.
Designed to be environmentally and ecologically effective whilst still being humane to animals and birds simply moves them on and out of your zone and back to natural surroundings.

Successfully used for the control of:

  • Pest Possums, Bush Turkeys, Brush Turkey, Rabbits, Bandicoots, Rats, Mice, Bats, Wallabies,and Some Birds such as Pigeons, Swallows, Ducks, Blackbirds
  • For Wallaby Best when combined with Visual deterrent Pestgard Predator eye and audible deterrent Pestgard Transaudio pro.
  • Please note You may require a number of units depending on size of area and number of target pests, phone us if unsure how many to seek our guidance on 0458 648 235
  • Use this unit for pest birds combined with visual deterrents see our Scare Eye Balloons and Holographic Tape
  • Visual deterrents enhance performance of electronic devices. They Add a further fearsome element to the  installation and result in  moving target pests out of area requiring protection.

Features & Benefits:

  • 12 months manufacturers warranty for faulty workmanship or parts, please phone Pestgard Staff before returning equipment you may have the unit incorrectly set, e are happy to assist.
  • Ecologically & environmentally friendly no harmful baits, pesticides or traps
  • Directional beam allows you to install where required & point at area you wish to protect.
  • Area covered by PIR/Motion sensor up to 14 meters directly in front x 10 meters wide at target point. The pattern of Sound emissions from this unit can be likened to a torch beam, fanning out from installation point in a 170 degree arc.
  • Total area covered by ultrasonic and or optional audible sound emissions is up to 465m2
  • Install this unit either at ground level or on the side of a building or fence and point directly at where the pests are striking or coming from.
  • More than one unit may be required if foliage is heavy or pests are in multiple areas or striking in more than one zone
  • Operates on 4 x “c” cell batteries ( not supplied acquire locally) or a 9v/240v ac transformer and low voltage lead (supplied with this unit)
  • Sealed heavy duty box makes this unit weatherproof
  • “Remote control” supplied allows unit to be operated 22 meters away
  • “Light sensitive low profile strobe” automatic operation in very low light or at nightfall very effective on nocturnal animals & pest birds roosting/nesting at night.
  • “Select a pest dial” allows selection of a suitable frequency affecting insects through to large animals.
  • Continuous Sweep setting best for Possums, rabbits and birds.
  • Continuous Sweep, “Motion sensor” or ” Constant” emissions can be selected depending on your particular pest & installation.
  • Please read our instruction sheet to choose the best setting for your particular pest
  • Audible sound is optional feature can add impact to pest control keep volume at level of bird song in nature or if not required can be switched off.


  • AC Transformer: 9/240 V AC 550 mA to 1amp x 1 (supplied)
  • Battery: 4×1.5v/C cell batteries (not supplied)
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 15kHz to 25KHz(adjustable)
  • Output Sound Pressure: 0 to 110dB (adjustable), +/-5dB
  • Working Current: Up to 300mA
  • Optimum Distance: (infrared sensor) 14 meters (effective range) ultrasonic 465 M2 or 21 x 21 meters
  • Audible Sound Pressure: 0-110dB Maximum(adjustable),+/-5dB
  • Strobe Light Flashing Frequency & Activation: 10 times every 20 seconds, deactivates during day & in well lit areas, activates in dark or at night automatically
  • Ultrasonic Switch setting on Continued Mode: Ultrasonic, strobe light and sonic emissions work 20 second on,20 second pause constant repeat. 15kHz to 25 kHz ( adjustable)
  • Power Consumption: 0.18W to 1.8W when powered by AC /9v/240v ac power, 0.07W to 1W when using batteries


Annoying pest problems can be solved with careful housekeeping ideas:

  • Secure the lids on your garbage tins or containers
  • Food should be kept in secure and sealed containers
  • Clear away pet food and bowls overnight
  • Keep water containers free of water overnight or put onside out of reach to stray animals
  • Clean food scraps up around grounds of your home and factory
  • Ask staff not to feed birds or stray animals
  • Keep all holes into your property protected against stray animal and bird entry
  • Keep shrubs and grass clear of your building so that birds and animals can not shelter too close to your walls











Brush/Bush Turkey
Thank you Leone and Graeme for Pestgard for suggesting & supplying the Pestgard Yardgard Units early 2016 for my property to scare/deter the turkey they have been very effective & I have no hesitation in recommending to others the use of your equipment to remove Brush/Bush Turkey. The turkey are still absent from my property as at November 2016
Previous to buying your units we tried many different deterrents to no avail, we have a large property at Burpengary, Queensland and distributed quite a number of your units around the property where the Turkey had built mounds and were known to inhabit as a result the Turkey have left the property.

Regards Gary


Weight 800 g
Dimensions 210 x 110 x 170 mm